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Hi, I’m Dr. Nada Sudhakaran, a paediatric surgeon specialising in Keyhole Surgery – a procedure that helps your child experience less pain, recover faster & gives you peace of mind. I am based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Is Your child showing
any of these symptoms?


Main causes are infections, inflammation, intestinal obstructions, kidney or bladder problems or bile duct problems


Many different things can cause kids to throw up, any forms of infections, intestinal blockage or even pain


Hernias, hydrocoeles, the testis or ovary can cause a groin lump. Some are more urgent than others


You may even see drops of blood in the urine, and/or the urine is pink

If yES, surgical treatment May Be required


traditional child surgery
May Cause these problems


Traditional open surgery is commonly associated with a long and extended recovery period in hospital


Permanent scarring & disfigurement to our child is common with open surgery, in addition to severe recovery pain


Long painful recovery causes stress in our child & ourselves. The longer the hospital stay, the greater the disruption to our lives

Let Me Show You A Better Option

Keyhole Surgery

A Better Solution

A Minimally Invasive Surgical (MIS) procedure that is proven to help your child recover faster & minimal scarring

Why Opt For Keyhole Surgery

Procedure proven to help your children undergo surgery with the least pain and the fastest recovery time

Less Risky

MIS is proven to be a safe and less painful alternative compared to open surgery

Minimal Scarring

Having a big scar can be detrimental to your children psychology when growing up

Faster Recovery

Your child will be able to get out of hospital faster & enjoy living normally in no time

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Honest advice and ethical treatment should be every parent's right

As a parent myself, I know how daunting it is when you’re faced with the dilemma of finding the best treatment for your children. My passion is to make sure that all my patients get the best quality of care. That involves good communication with children and parents while making the journey as pain-free as possible

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Get Help For your child

In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Schedule An Appointment

Step 2

Receive Diagnosis Report

Step 3

Discuss Treatment Options

Resources For Parents

Articles, videos to help you diagnose your children and make the right decision to help them out

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