Fetal Malformation and The Treatments Required

Dr Nada Sudhakaran

Dr Nada Sudhakaran

Paediatric Surgeon & Urologist

Hidden testicle leads to infertility

This is a common genital problem in young children. Many babies develop congenital urinary system diseases when they are born. For example, cryptorchidism is a condition where one or both testicles have not moved to its proper position which is in the scrotum.

A suitable growth environment for spermatozoa requires a lower temperature. If the testicle does not descend to the scrotum where the body temperature is relatively low, the sperm cannot develop normally. If there is no treatment, the baby will become infertile after growing up. Fortunately, through surgery, the testicles can be moved into the scrotum to solve the problem.

Irregular penis development

Some babies found that their penis did not develop properly after birth. For example, the urinary ostium is not at the tip of the penis but at other locations in the groin. Thus, when the baby urinates, the urine will flow out of other abnormal orifices. If there is no rapid treatment, babies will have problems with ejaculation after they grow up, and even lead to infertility.

Caused By Parent’s Food Consumption

Why is this? Dr. Nada said that this has a close relationship with food. About 3 to 40 years ago, when Malaysia was not prosperous, the food at that time was relatively clean and healthy. “No pollution”.

Today’s situation is completely different.

Chickens and pigs will only be given hormones to have more meat. These hormones contain a lot of female hormones. Eating these meats for a long time will disrupt the normal growth of the fetus.

Dr. Nada Sudkaharan

In the past, only one out of every 1,000 babies was not well developed. Today, one out of every 150 babies has a penile malformation. A baby boy suffering from penile malformation will face difficulties in sexual intercourse and infertility when he grows up.

The current treatment method is to create a new penis for the affected child so that the child can have normal function and fertility when he is a grown-up.

And this is carried out through a Paediatric Surgery

Lack of Awareness About Paediatric Surgery

Dr. Nada finally pointed out that as a paediatric surgeon, he often faces some challenges:

  • Most parents do not understand the characteristics of paediatric surgery. When their young children are sick and need surgery, they often go to see ordinary surgeons. Parents do not understand that paediatric surgery is different from general surgery. In fact, if a child needs surgery and looks for help from a paediatric surgeon, it is the right decision.
  • Of all the medical insurance in Malaysia, most insurance companies are unwilling to bear the cost of paediatric surgery. This is not appropriate. Unless the pregnant woman is insured during pregnancy, it is specifically stated that the insurance company will only make compensation if the fetus has congenital diseases and needs surgery. Here, Dr. Nada advises women with a birth plan to purchase such insurance during pregnancy. Although the phenomenon of fetal malformation is rare, there is always an accident. Therefore, it is worthwhile to purchase this insurance. “Remember: No one in the temple is afraid of it.”
Fetal Malformation

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