How to Make Child & Parent Comfortable When Visiting a Paediatric Surgeon

Dr. Nada Sudhakaran
Paediatric Surgeon

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How do you put both the parents and the child at ease?


I think the situation with the child is that they are anxious and the parents will respond to that.

So, one of the things I do is just consider a child and therefore when you consider a child you’re communicating with the child.

 And as you are talking to the child no matter what age it is, they are responding to you.

 And as they’re responding to you they’ll realize that it’s not such a scary situation.

If you’re not a scary person the child will be at ease and slowly you are able to examine the child and speak to the child and an older child will allow you to examine and to be more comfortable with that.

How To Make Child & Parents Comfortable When They Visit A Paediatric Surgeon

Dr Nada shares how he makes his child patients and their parents comfortable when they visit him for a consultation and treatment.It's ALL about focusing on the child!

Posted by Dr Nada Child Surgeon on Friday, 3 January 2020

Younger children who are toddlers and so on, their anxious no matter what. And by giving them the right attention, allowing them to play toys and allowing them to be distracted and also the parents distracting them will make them more at ease.

So, I always involve the parents in the care of the child during the examination.

If need to the child is examined whilst they are sat on the parents’ lap, or the the parent is cuddling them whilst I examine them.

And they’ll be distracted by other things, maybe a toy or a mobile phone or something like that.

So, once that ice is broken, they’d be more ease and when the parents see that the child is comfortable they’re more ease as well.

The whole anxiety is broken and then we can go on from there.


Right so I love the facts and what you’re saying is that you focus your attention…as soon as they walk in the room your attention goes straight to the child, rather than the parents.

So that they feel that, you know, that you’re able to reassure them and then by the child being reassured the parents naturally will feel better.


Yes. So, parents often reflect what the child is feeling, so we have to go for the main source of anxiety.

When the child is comfortable you know that the parents are also okay.

Like they feel more confident as well and they don’t have too much anxiety.

And once the child is comfortable, parents are comfortable, then we can have a base to work on, to then discuss what is happening.


Absolutely! Great thank you doctor.

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