Issues Children Face Visiting Paediatric Surgeons

Dr. Nada Sudhakaran
Paediatric Surgeon

[Video Transcript of Dr Nada speaking]

One of the biggest issues is anxiety, both for the child and the parents, when the child must come to the hospital to visit a paediatric surgeon.

I think a lot of children are already conditioned by the time they are aware of what’s happening.  

Even a six-month-old knows when they’re coming to hospital.

Issues Children Face Visiting Surgeons

Dr Nada gives us his views on the challenges faced when children have to visit a paediatric surgeon at a hospital.

Posted by Dr Nada Child Surgeon on Thursday, 2 January 2020

They get every anxious because prior to that they would have had many immunization scheduled in the clinic and so they’re in hospitals.

They know where they are going to.

So, once they arrive at the hospital, they are already anxious and their anxiety is also projected to their parents.

Their parents get anxious that something is going to happen their child.

And that is just for a normal visit, let alone having surgery for a child, and that brings a lot of anxieties.

So, coming to see a surgeon is a very difficult situation.

But that’s why coming to the right person who would alleviate those anxieties both for the child as well as for the parents is very important.

So, finding the right surgeon, finding the right doctor is crucial.

Once they come to a hospital then they need to have the diagnosis made accurately and a good surgeon, a good person, who would be able to go through the situation with them.

Go through the different investigations and explaining to the parents what is happening to their child is crucial.

And also, somebody who’s able to make the right decision and then undertake the right management, operation for example, for the child.

So, those are also very important and finally the outcomes. Outcome is crucial. What you see at the end of the day is the outcome. The appearance and the final outcome.

 So, I concentrate on both really.

The child should have the right operation and having the right outcome with the minimal amount of stress.

So that the child is not in pain and the parents are not stressed by the whole process.

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Dr Nada Sudhakaran is a consultant Paediatric Surgeon providing specialized children surgery and based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. He has extensive experience in reconstructive paediatric surgery, with a special interest in Minimally Invasive Surgery (keyhole surgery). He is on the specialist register to practice Paediatric Surgery in UK, Malaysia and Australia

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